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My Mission Trip To Nicaragua - Sahil Gandhi

I knew the moment I hugged the children goodbye, tears in my eyes, for the last time, that I had changed, and the person who had come to Nicaragua would never be the same.

The Global Brigades trip was my first on my own. I embarked on this mission trip with Global Brigades Public Health as my team focused on improving infrastructure through the construction of septic tanks, sanitation units, and a water pipeline. My peers and I contributed to building a water system by digging two foot trenches along a 3-mile path that delivered water to an isolated mountain community.

Through the process, I also learned how to mix concrete, how to use a machete, pitchfork, and how to build a septic tank. True manual labor; it was definitely not easy. I got a chance to ride in the back of a pickup truck, went to gather water at a nearby stream with fellow Nicaraguans, experienced the joy of my first and hopefully not last plantain chip. But even more importantly, I learned to redefine community, service, love, and kindness.

At night, we would play volleyball and soccer with other colleges/chapters at our campsite. Other days we would experience the city life: shopping for souvenirs, site-seeing, and trying authentic Nicaraguan foods.

We participated in an event called Charla, where we got to teach a lesson to the village children so we focused on dental hygiene. They were so grateful to have us there, and looked out for us as if we were their own children. They served us probably more than we could have served them, and taught us more than we could teach them.

I would recommend any student to take part in Global Brigades!

It’s one of the world’s largest student-led groups and provides relief where there is limited access to healthcare.

They have 7 types of Brigades:

Public Health (the one I participated in)



Global Legal Empowerment




There are so many opportunities to make some impact in the world, you just have to reach out and take action! Please reach out to me on my Instagram at @sgxmovement if you are interested in this life changing opportunity!

Sahil is a Physical Therapy Student with an anticipated graduation of 2022 from UIC. He is currently a Rehab Aide at a Senior Living Facility. Thank you, Sahil for your work and compassion! This is what our profession is all about!

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