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Otieno Martin Ong'wen

Physical Therapist - Kenya

I practice in Kenya (the whole of it so to speak). Based in Nairobi but I travel to the rurals to teach (therapists) and treat patients.  I am a member of the Jackson's Clinics Foundation. I don't know life out of PT. I still want to grow and be the best I can ever be. @kenyanphysio

Erwin Seguia

Physical Therapist - New York CIty, USA

Erwin Seguia is one of the founders of Match Fit Performance, a sports performance and rehabilitative practice based out of New York City. Erwin’s work takes him all over the NYC area and East coast, as they coordinate care for the New York Empire, the Gotham Knights RFC, and work near their home base at CrossFit Dynamix.

Nilesh Makwana

Physical Therapist - India

Nilesh is a physiotherapist who has been practicing in Mumbai for 10 years. He did his specialisation in Cardio-Pulmonary sciences, but he loves being with athletes and being able to help enhance their performance.

Wynelli Pierre

Physical Therapist - Trinidad & Tobago

I am one of three physical therapists within my twin Islands of Trinidad and Tobago that is certified in Aquatic Therapy. I live, breathe, and sleep Physiotherapy. I recently took the leap and opened my private practice, I'm so excited everyday to make it a place that they love and that I'm proud of.

Caitlin Trakalo

Physical Therapist - Canada

I am the owner/operator of CT physiotherapy in Ashern, Manitoba, Canada. I am looking forward to sharing what rural work and life is like in a small town. It's pretty different from the big city, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Lorenzo Besozzi

Physical Therapy Student - Italy/Switzerland

The reason why I wanted to become a physio, and then to start a postgraduate degree in sports rehabilitation, is because I’ve always wanted to work in the football envoirment. I love the idea of helping out athletes to get back to the pitch asap and to play a really important role in order to help the team in reaching our goals for the season.

Magnus Wennerlund

Physical Therapist - Sweden

Magnus is an extended scope physiotherapist and MSK Sonographer working in Sweden. He specialized in shoulder diagnostics and works mainly within the Orthopaedic field. Apart from working clinicalIy, he also arranges educations and workshops in shoulder ultrasound.

Meghan Wieser

Physical Therapist - New Jersey, USA

Meghan Wieser just recently became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She currently works in a split acute care/hospital-based outpatient position. While she enjoys the medical side of the job, her heart is in outpatient orthopedics/athletics, especially treating dancers.

Luke Wilson

Physical Therapist - New Zealand

Luke is in his 3rd season with the NZ Warriors rugby league team after working with the Canberra Raiders rugby league team. He has worked all around the world, including Australia, the UK, Canada, and currently NZ in a variety of sports including: basketball, beach volleyball, alpine skiing, wrestling, baseball, and rugby league, as well as the military.


Barbara is a physical therapist based in Nashville, TN specializing in treating both equine and equestrian athletes. She received her Doctorate from Belmont University and her Certified Equine Rehabilitation credentials from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Barbara is also a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and provides PT services utilizing hippotherapy for children with disabilities.

Barbara Parks

Physical Therapist - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Kelly Small

Physical Therapist - Winnpeg, Manitoba, Canada

Kelly is a physical therapist based in Winnipeg, Canada. She recently opened a home physiotherapy practice and became a certified pelvic health therapist. As a new mom, Kelly not only enjoys empowering women in labour and delivery, but also is focused on pediatric development and helping her daughter achieve her gross motor milestones.

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