Helping You Connect With Physiotherapists Around The World

Global PT Connect is a social media platform and website with an aim to connect PTs, PTAs, and students in the physical therapy profession from all parts of the world. In an effort to help secure these connections, Global PT Connect offers a range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help you get in touch with other physiotherapists in countries and places you are visiting or are just curious to learn more about.

Global PT Connect started on Instagram where it continues to thrive and offer therapists an opportunity to "take over" the account and give others a glimpse into their life - both while they practice, and outside of their practice.



Expert Guidance

With years of experience in the physical therapy profession and numerous trips abroad, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to help you connect on the next level. At Global PT Connect, we combine our insights and skills to plan the most effective trip for your needs and desires, whether it be strictly for leisure and a short chat with another PT, or a few day stay and observation. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our therapists travel and connect with other like-minded individuals abroad.


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Dr. Jennifer Palmer PT, DPT

Jennifer founded Global PT Connect while living abroad in Japan. She observed clinics in Japan and toured a PT school in Singapore. After her travels, she realized how eye-opening and important it was to understand how other therapists in different cultures practice. Hear more about Global PT Connect on the Therapists On Fire podcast or check out her website.